ओपेरा न्यूज को कंटेट राइटर और कंटेंट एडिटर चाहिए

Opera News is Hiring Content Writer, Content Editor

We are looking for a young candidates to work in a fast paced environment for Opera

Job Responsibilities

  1. Responsible for overall performance of the language-user growth, retention and content
  2. Ensuring content quality compliance by preparing all the review/report processes
  3. Content audit and recommendation to users according to categories
  4. Language specific communication with specific content creators
  5. Research, analysis & leveraging of internal/external content trends

Skills Required

  1. Must Love Pop Culture, Social Media & Trending Content!
  2. Strong command (written & verbal) over the language In-depth knowledge. Understanding of other social media platforms and how they can be leveraged to achieve business goals.
  3. Mother tongue in a regional language is needed with in-depth knowledge of the culture of that region.
  4. Should be able to make practical suggestions and work long hours including weekends when needed.

Location: Noida

Experience: 1-4 Years Experience

Salary: Best In The Industry


English – 2 Persons
Marathi – 4 Persons
Hindi – 4 Persons
Gujarati, Punjabi , Oriya and Urdu : 3 Persons
Kannada: 4 Persons

Interested can apply by sending CV to sagniks@opera.com ; sejal349@gmail.com ; atharno@opera.com

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