Influencer Kalyani Gupta is a rising star on social media platforms; why you should engage her?

New Delhi: Social Media has been a boon for this era. It has provided various platforms for creators to showcase their skills and hidden talents. On Social Media, the confluence of content creators and content consumers has made it truly engaging and enjoyable. It has gifted us significant talents among which well-known content creator and blogger Kalyani Gupta is one. An Advocate by profession, Kalyani is a Multitalented girl with a good presence on multiple social media platforms. She currently resides in Delhi.

Kalyani has been fond of being in front of the camera since she was a child. During her college days at Amity University Noida, she used to post TikTok videos and from there she got recognition amongst people. Since 2017 she has been creating amazing content on social media. Her mantra on social media is to BE AUTHENTIC and open to criticism and do not give up. She believes in being creative and real before the audience. She says that always know that there will be people trying to bring you down but don’t let them. Creators must Learn to stay positive during the initial days.
Along with content creation, she is an amazing blogger as well. Her small writeups which
include learnings about her life were vehemently appreciated by the audience. Recently she started her own WordPress blog – lifeofkg[dot]com.


Kalyani has collaborated with various renowned brands like MyGlamm, Loreal, MamaEarth, Plum, Bioderma, Pilgrim, Colorbar, Beauty Co., Blur, Coolberg, Livon, Bausch and Lomb, etc. The list is very long to write here. She has also been featured on the Foxy app as an artist.


She promotes skin and body positivity on her Instagram handle as well as her blog. Every now and then Kalyani posts raw and real pictures without using filters and spreads the message of self-love. Her first blog was about “Being Perfectly Imperfect” which stated that – You know the problem here is before doing anything in this world we think about others, how others will see or judge us, will they accept us the way we are or not. Why? Last I checked, it is your body, your choice. And again, you don’t need acceptance from anyone but yourself. I am not saying doing makeup or using filters is a bad thing but doing it for the purpose of gaining validation from others and having that insecurity of not being liked or accepted is not the right thing to do.


Her Instagram handle is @kalyani0697. Kalyani does not follow any particular niche. She makes content on various genres like comedy, fashion, body positivity, and lifestyle.

Disclaimer: All the information contained in this article is provided by Influencer Kalyani Gupta. The Ace Express is not responsible for any misrepresentation made in this article.

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