Meet 25-year-old Muhluri Mathebula; the author of “Expressions from Experiences”

New Delhi (Maroof Ansari): Muhluri Interest Mathebula from Gauteng, S.A. is an author of a novel titled, “Expressions from Experiences”. It took five years for 25 year old author Muhluri to compose the novel. She started her writing journey in 2015, after having completed her matric in 2014 at Marlboro Gardens Secondary School. The title of her book emphasizes how individuals happen to express themselves and interpret life according to their own experiences. It’s a path guide as to how one should not let their past life’s experiences limit them from becoming.

It attends to the urge for one to grow in life – growth comes from knowledge practiced, so if one has not been exposed to certain situations, they can’t always make means to acquire new knowledge and live better. The way in which one behaves has a lot to do with what one believes.

In this novel, She advises readers to take complete responsibility for their own lives and do not make room to blame other people for not having things done for them.

She has designed a book cover that depicts the main character’s names, titled “Pinheiro Floresta”. These names mean PineTree Forest in Portuguese. The crux of the novel is to motivate readers to never give up in life when the wind of life, being situations, come their way (a Pine Tree bends when the wind blows and stands tall again when the wind passed by). Also, a Forest self-sustains itself, regardless of seasons. She advises readers to learn to stand on their own and fight to make it in life because depending on people is not a good nature to practice. 

(Muhluri Interest Mathebula is a South-African writer and author of the novel “Expressions from Experiences”. She tweets at @MuhluriInterest)

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